2016 Kidding Schedule


Dam Sire Due  Price  Reservations Notes ADGA Breeding Link
CRF Castle Rock Scarlet Flax 2*M 2*D AR2462 VEEE 90 Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker (Dam VEEE 90) Born January 21  Does/Bucks $500 2 Does RETAINED Disbudded with Blue & Brown Eyes
ADGA Planned Breeding
Castle Rock Saranade 2*D AR2534 VE+V 87 Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker (Dam VEEE 90) Born February 15  Does/Bucks $475 Buck/Doe Twins SOLD
Blue Eyes Possible
ADGA Planned Breeding
Harley Hillside French Fondue +++A 80 (FF Yearling) Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker (Dam VEEE 90) Born January 19  Does $450 Wethers $150
  2 Wethers SOLD
 Disbudded with Blue Eyes
ADGA Planned Breeding
Castle Rock River of Rain 1*M ++++ 82 (FF Yearling) Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker (Dam VEEE 90) Born January 21 Does $500 Wethers $150  4 Wethers SOLD
 All Disbudded with Blue Eyes ADGA Planned Breeding
SG Castle Rock Breakin My Heart 6*M  ++VV 86  (FF Yearling) Castle Rock Clark’s Nutcracker (Dam VEEE 90) Born January 22  Does/Bucks $600 1 Buck, 2 Does RETAINED
Buck will be available for breeding ADGA Planned Breeding
Castle Rock Worth Every Penny Castle Rock Triumph (Dam VVEE 89) Born March 28
 Does $400 Wethers $150  1 Wether
First Freshener ADGA Planned Breeding

Sales Policy

The Basics: All kids will be on their dam for the first 3-5 days, then bottle raised for a minimum of 8 weeks. Aside from polled kids (naturally hornless), all will be disbudded between 4-8 days old, tattooed, given BoSe, cocci prevention as well as CD&T vaccinations. Goats are loving, social creatures. All goats must go to a pet or dairy home with existing goats. Otherwise you can purchase two from us. All does and intact bucks will be ADGA registered, however, you can also register AGS.

Reservations: If you would like to reserve a kid non-refundable deposits are $50 through PayPal, contact us first via email. Kids reserved must be picked up within 3 weeks of being born or placing a deposit. Boarding charges of $3.00 per kid per day will be applied after those 3 weeks are up. We will happily bring purchased animals to shows we are attending at no extra charge.

At our discretion, reserved kids who have not been paid for, in full, by 8 weeks, old will no longer be considered reserved and may be offered for sale as well. We will make every attempt to work out an arrangement prior to taking this step. All kids must be paid for in full before they leave the farm. That includes all transportation costs, health certificates, tests or vet expenses for crossing state lines, they are the responsibility of the buyer. Transportation fee to a nearby airport is $50. If we are shipping for multiple customers that day, the transportation fees will be split equally by the buyers. We will make every effort to limit the expenses and do our best to help coordinate transportation for you.

Payments: We accept cash, money orders, cashier checks but prefer PayPal. You can avoid PayPal fees when sending money to a friend or family member.

Pricing Policy: Prices listed on the website are subject to change (though they probably will not). Placing a deposit will lock in your price. This price will be confirmed in writing. Prices do not include boarding fees (if applicable), ADGA registrations fees (see below) or transportation costs (varies from state to state).

Registration Fees & Names: In addition to the purchase price above, ADGA registration fees will be added. All does and intact bucks will be named and registered before they leave.  We will send in the paperwork, give you a copy, and ADGA will mail your papers to you. Too many kids have left here and have yet to be registered. We want to make sure they all progeny are in ADGA’s database. This means we must decide on a name before you leave. All names will begin with Harley Hillside, followed by something related to the dam.

Discounts & Deals: Happy to support 4H & FFA students, contact me for pricing. We offer a single complementary stud service for does. Any does purchased from us can be bred 1 time for free, provided they test negative for CAE and CL.

Bottle Feeding & Bonding: After making sure everyone is healthy & fed, we spend a great deal of time handling the kids, to ensure they are all snuggle bugs. They will be weaned no earlier than 8 weeks and can go home at as early as 1 week old, as bottle babies. We recommend you pick up your kids as early as possible to build the best bond you can. We are happy to sell milk to you for your bottle babies or other pets. If you are new to goats, and don’t think you have time to bottle feed a kid 3 times a day, it’s likely you do not have enough time to raise goats. Bottle feeding is the least time consuming part of their care, and frankly, one of the more fun things to do at that age.

Show & Performance Homes: If you participate in linear appraisals, milk tests or shows, we will show our appreciation in many ways. This includes hugs, brags and rewards. Any doe with our herd name that earns a milk star or is appraised two years in a row will receive $50. ADGA finished champions with our herd name will receive $100.

Right of Refusal: We know life is full of unexpected events. No judgment will be passed and our feelings will not be hurt. If you decide to sell or re-home a goat you have purchased from us, we want first right of refusal. We will either purchase the goat or help you find a good home.

Contact Us: caitlinharley@yahoo.com or 925-391-GOAT

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