We have been married since 2007 and together since 1998. We fell in love as junior high kids and built a friendship to last a lifetime.

We both attended UC Davis, where I obtained a BS in Design. He excelled in Chemical Engineering, and then earned a PhD. After he began his employment at Lawrence Livermore National Lab we began pursuing our dream.

We set out to find a piece of land that we could call home, where our dogs could run & hunt. September of 2013, we closed the deal. We are in the midst of bigger things to come and trying to make the best from what we have, which is nearly a blank canvas.

Our Ranch is nestled in the Altamont Foothills in Livermore, backing up to Byron & Mountain House. We are just shy of 24 acres of open space, featuring a 1 acre pond down below and a mostly red barn at the top of our hill. Tranquil is the best word to describe what we have, and I will try to do the land justice with the right amount of photos & descriptions. The best way to appreciate it, would be to visit.

We have been raising Nigerian Dwarf goats since 2014 and seem to double in size each year.

~Caitlin & Stephen Harley

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