Senior Does

ADGA pedigrees can easily be retrieved by clicking their name. Other names linked here will lead you to a photo.

Castle Rock Saranade 2*D AR2534

First Freshing Photo Courtesy of Castle Rock Farm – 5th Freshening Udder Shown

DOB2/10/10 height 21″ at 17 months

Milk Testing Results

2011 LA: V+++ 83
2012 LA: VEVV 88

2015 LA: VE+V 87 | 5 year old, 5th freshener

Sire: Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay +S ++B
(MCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++S ‘E’ x MCH Gay-Mor’s JJU Nonpareil 3D ‘E’)
Dam: ARMCH/GCH/PGCH Esperanza WS Sara 1*M *D’VG’
(MCH/PGCH Ponders End MTB Wall Street x Esperanza ZZ Sedona Snowstorm)

After falling in love with Saranade’s first born doe, Sarandipity, I quickly became fond of this line. She came with the nickname “Princess”; I was expecting her to be more lady like, she is not, most things are on her terms, and I love that about her. If she could speak, I’d imagine she would be quite entertaining. She asserted herself as herd queen and seems to take that quite seriously. She has quite a bit of dairy character, with good sweep to her ribs, a wide rump, flatness of bone, and a tight front end assembly. I have attempted to show her. She was just as pleased with me as she was at Castle Rock Farm, and like she had done many times before, she packed her angry eyes. When shown, she has been at or near the head of the line, and her offspring have also done well in the ring.  I neglected to photograph her when she was clipped two years in a row, she is pictured here as a yearling first freshener with 2015 udder views, showing an increase in capacity and lovely texture. We hope to retain a doe from her in 2017.


Castle Rock Worth Every Penny 3*M

Shown as a first freshener with a best udder in class

DOB 2/12/15

Milk Testing Results

1x GCH Jr,  1x RGCH Jr

SireSG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +BS 2015 Elite Buck (Castle Rock Tanzanite B *S x SGCG-ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3D VEEE 91)

Dam: GCH Castle Rock Penny For Luck 2M VEVV 89 (CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon +BS x SGCH CRF Castle Rock Penny Wise 1M 3D VVEE 90)

After falling in love with GCH Castle Rock Penny for Luck, I quickly placed a deposit on a doe kid. Fortunately, she was born a short 6 months later. She is turning out to be “worth every penny”.  A very  mature doe, especially for a yearling. She’s  a powerful, dairy  doe with a tremendous topline. You wouldn’t believe she’s only 17″ tall, as her length and body capacity give her the appearance of a much larger doe. Her mammary is very impressive, a strong medial, correctly placed teats, very open orifices, and soft udder texture. She is continuing to develop without hitting any awkward stages. The judges have had nothing but good things to say, at or near the head of the class in almost every ring. Unless she is in a mood, and she opts to drag her head nearly on the ground, that usually bumps her back to second. Her production is similar to SGCH Castle Rock River of Rain 1*M, roughly 3.5 pounds per day,  but predicted to peak nearly as high SGCH Castle Rock Breakin My Heart. She earned her milking star in 2016 in all three components.

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